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Outer Blogness is a gateway to the wide, wide, world of Mormonism-related blogs, from the non-believing perspective. Our goal is to gather, in a non-correlated fashion, the many blogs, podcasts, and communities that deal with Mormonism in a non-traditional fasion. We've also included a few blogs from the "bloggernacle" because we find those blogs to be interesting and generally respectful of the non-believer.

Outer Blogness began as a blogroll at Letters from a Broad, C. L. Hanson's personal blog. It then moved to Main Street Plaza in 2008, where it has been maintained since. It became harder and harder to maintain and keep up-to-date using available plug-ins for wordpress, prompting the creation of this site. Outer Blogness remains sponsored by Main Street Plaza.


We are always happy to add more blogs to our feeds. For your blog to qualify as part of this Outer Blogness list, you must meet the following two criteria:

1. You are or have been Mormon (or at the very least you've had a strong personal connection with Mormonism in your life),

2. You do not currently believe the truth claims of Mormonism. (Exceptions made for believing blogs at the discretion of the admins.)

That's it. You don't actually have to talk about Mormonism on your blog at all. If you qualify and don't see your blog on the list, please email chanson dot exmormon at gmail dot com. Ditto for if there's an error in your link or title or if you're on the list and would like to be removed.

When you join Outer Blogness, you'll be included in our weekly community link roundup Sunday in Outer Blogness. And we'd appreciate it if you'd link back to Main Street Plaza, possibly using one of our buttons below.

Recent Comments

Additionally, Outer Blogness aggregates the comments from participating blogs. In order to have your comments aggregated, you must meet the following two criteria:

1. Your blog must have an RSS feed for comments. Don't worry if you don't know what this means, if you're blogging at blogspot, wordpress, or using wordpress on your own server you have this ability.

2. Support Outer Blogness by placing a button "above the fold."

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